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In Tokyo, infection prevention measures are being taken in various places to ensure visitors enjoy traveling with a peace of mind.

Initiatives taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  1. 1. “COVID-19 safety stickers”

    “COVID-19 safety stickers” are issued to restaurants and facilities that implement all the infection control measures recommended by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Ensuring physical distance by designating seats and standing positions of employees and visitors, informing consumers not to talk loudly, reducing places and items touched by multiple people as much as possible, cleaning and disinfecting frequently the items are some of the measures included in the list.

    For further information, please visit
  2. 2. Practice “New Normal”

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government promote to practice “New Normal”, new lifestyle for virus-free living and workplace.
    • Wash hands thoroughly, wear a maskWash hands thoroughly, wear a mask
    • Social distancingSocial distancing
    • Actively avoid the Sanmitsu, or 3Cs (Closed Spaces, Crowded spaces, Close Conversation. It was selected as 2020’s top Japanese buzzword.)Actively avoid the Sanmitsu, or 3Cs (Closed Spaces, Crowded spaces, Close Conversation. It was selected as 2020’s top Japanese buzzword.)
    • [Shopping]
      • ・Go with as few people as possible, finish as quickly as possible
      • ・Use catalogue/online shopping and cashless payment ・Maintain distance when in line for the cash register
    • [Leisure, sports, etc.]
      • ・Enjoy online lessons/activities
      • ・Use parks during less crowded times, choose an area with few people
    • [Public transport]
      • ・Avoid crowded peak hours ・Walk or use your bicycle
    • [Meals]
      • ・Avoid sharing plates and chopsticks, create new seating arrangements, and put the “new table manners” into practice.
      • ・Use take-out and delivery services
    • [Workstyles]
      • ・Encourage teleworking and staggered commuting
      • ・Proceed with online meetings and elimination of the need for hanko stamps
      • ・Make adjustments at your workplace—use partitioning screens, improve ventilation, disinfection, etc.


Here are introductions of actions taken place by tourist facilities to prevent COVID-19.

Tourist facilities:

Restaurants and accommodation:

Also, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government introduces examples of advanced initiatives being taken place by local businesses. Please visit

Latest updates on COVID-19 in Tokyo

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