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We own a hotel called Park Hotel Tokyo. Since ancient times, the Japanese have had the wisdom to integrate various aspects of nature into daily life. They have an untiring love affair with the four seasons. At the hotel, in the areas of ART - Atrium, Restaurant and Travel, offers guests first-hand experience of Japanese aesthetics. Having the concept “Infinite time & space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”, it is proceeding to incorporate art into spaces throughout the hotel. All rooms on the Artist Floor are painted by the artists directly on to the walls. Each individual room is a piece of work itself.


Wednesday, February 3(Day 2) JST 15:50 - / ICT 13:50 - / SGT 14:50 - / MST 14:50 -, Wednesday, February 3(Day 2) JST 19:20 - / GMT 10:20 - / CET 11:20 -


Shiodome Media Tower 1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku 1057227
Phone number
+81 3-6252-1111
Marketing Department, Sales Manager
Hisanori Murata (Mr.)


All guests arriving at the Park Hotel Tokyo will first witness the Atrium, which is one of the largest atriums in Tokyo, spreading through ten floors. Through the glass windows behind the Reception counter, visitors can see the Tokyo Tower, which shows different scenery from day to night. Events and exhibits showing seasonal art pieces are held as part of the ART colours Exhibition which are held here in the Atrium.
As soon as guests enter the room, they see a big cherry tree covering the bed. By drawing cherry blossoms like butterflies which are a symbol of transiency or the soul, The artist expressed the beauty of the end of life. As it flies around the room, a butterfly expresses the cycle of the four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter.
The artist uses goldfish to create an illusion of being in a parallel world; a bright and colorful aquarium inhabited by Geishas and goldfishes. First time guests enter the room, the dark walls of the entrance remind of a seabed, populated by algae and small fishes, whose trail leads to the center of the aquarium’s life. Standing there, guests feel as if they were floating, and all the goldfishes around they come to life, swimming on the walls and ceiling.
When guests pass through the entrance to the room, which mimics a stone wall, they see a towering castle with a golden killer whale painted on the wall above the headboard. The castle walls and moat surround the bed, and on the opposite wall, a large room that would have welcomed various clan lords is expressed in gold leaf. When the curtains are opened at night, the room interior is reflected in the glass, so that when they gaze in the direction of the Imperial Palace, the castle appears.
When guests enter the room, the first thing they will notice is the fresh green color. Then the bamboo trees stretching straight up to the sky, making them feel just as if they were going deeper and deeper into a bamboo forest. The artist said: “I wanted people who were tired of the bustle of city life to be able to really relax in this room”.


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