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Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association

Established in 2019 in order to promote Kodaira. Creating programs to stimulate the economy and creating local events to establish a strong local community are the main focuses of the association.


Wednesday, February 3(Day 2) JST 17:05 - / ICT 15:05 - / SGT 16:05 - / MST 16:05 -


1-16-1, Gakuenhigashi-cho, Kodaira City, Tokyo 187-0043 Japan
Phone number
+81 42-312-3954
Cordinator for International Relations, Kodaira City Hall
Sarah Stoll-Underwood


Kodaira Lantern Festival
Kodaira’s lantern festival is held on the first Saturday of August every year. Locations along the Sayama Sakai Green Way and Tamagawa Josui canal stretches of the Green Road are decorated with nearly 4,000 handmade lanterns. A performance stage and food and beverage stalls will be at each venue along the green road. Come out to watch lanterns flicker in the night air while also enjoying performances from local talent.
Kodaira Green Road
The Kodaira Green Road is a gorgeous 21km long walking path with two main walking trails.
From Koganei Park, a location renowned for its beautiful cherry blossoms, starts the Sayama Sakai Green Way trail. This path is lined with hundreds of cherry blossom trees, making it an incredible sight in the spring.
The Tamagawa Josui canal trail also boasts cherry blossoms, specifically the yamazakura variety, which were planted along the canal back in the 1700’s! In the fall the canal lights up with gorgeous fall colors, making it a perfect spot for a crisp autumn stroll.
Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum
The Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum features some of Hirakushi Denchu’s most impressive and realistic wooden sculptures. His most renowned sculpture is his 2-meter tall masterpiece Kagami-jishi, which can be seen at the National Theatre of Japan. The residence where Denchu lived out the final years of his life, until he passed away at the age of 107, is also part of the museum. Late February is the perfect time to explore Denchu’s former residence as his beloved plum trees will be in full bloom.
Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum
This architectural museum is a collection of preserved and reconstructed buildings from the Edo-era to Showa-era, with the majority being built in the Meiji-era. Buildings from all over Tokyo have been relocated to this museum including a bathhouse, residential homes of famous figures, and teahouses. Slip back in time and experience what olden-day Tokyo was like
U-Pick Blueberry Farms
You don’t have to travel far from Tokyo’s city-center to enjoy picking delicious, locally-grown fruit! Kodaira was the first location in Japan to cultivate blueberries and is only 30 minutes from Shinjuku. Kodaira farmers have been passionately growing blueberries for generations. Blueberries in Kodaira are carefully cultivated to be incredibly sweet and delicious. A variety of blueberries are grown, making it possible to enjoy blueberries picking all summer long!
Other fruit can also be picked through the year such as pears and kiwifruits. Come experience the deliciousness of fresh, locally-grown Kodaira fruit!


  • Kodaira Green Road and Open garden Map
    Kodaira Open Gardens are available by favor of their owners. You can enjoy the gardens and flowerbeds of which the garden masters are proud. Kodaira Green Road is an approximately 21 km walking trail going around Kodaira City, which connects the Tamagawa Aqueduct, Nobidome Irrigation Channel, Sayama-Sakai Green Way, and Koganei Park. The Road was authorized as one of “the top 500 beautiful roads that you should walk in Japan” in 2004, and as one of “the new top 100 walking road travels in Japan: ‘Waterfront Roads’” in 2015. We hope you will enjoy your walk around Kodaira City along the Kodaira Green Road & Open Garden Map in hand.
  • Kodaira Green Road and Open garden Map
  • Kodaira Green Road and Open garden Map
    고다이라 오픈 가든은 정성들인 개인의 정원이나 화단을 일반에게 공개하는 활동입니다. 또한 고다이라 그린로드는 다마가와 상수, 노비도메 용수, 사야마・사카이 녹도, 도립 고가네이공원을 잇는 고다이라를 한 바퀴 돌아보는 약 21km의 산책로입니다. 2004년에「아름다운 일본의 산책하고 싶은 길 500선」, 2015년에「신일본 산책로 기행 100선『물가의 길』」로 인정되었습니다. 고다이라 그린로드 & 오픈 가든 맵을 손에 들고 고다이라 시내를 산책해 보시지 않겠습니까?
  • TOKYO KODAIRA 7ways to enjoy the green road
    Kodaira guidebook 2020
  • TOKYO KODAIRA 7ways to enjoy the green road
    Kodaira guidebook 2020
  • TOKYO KODAIRA 7ways to enjoy the green road
    Kodaira guidebook 2020
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