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THE J TEAM Co., Ltd.

THE J TEAM is a Destination & Event Management Company. While of course we offer the traditional destination and management services of transportation, accommodation, guiding, and the like, most of our work is in the field of MICE, where travel is centered on one or more event. That event may be anything from a conference to business meeting, gala dinner, CSR project, sports event or combination thereof; and we are more than happy to manage such events. We can assist in both planning and execution, and possess a wide variety of experience in successful events to bring to any new project.


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3-13-7, 6F VORT Toranomon South, Nishishinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
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+81 3-6721-5313
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Many people would love to have an opportunity to meet a real maiko. With The J Team, sharing an evening of entertainment with a maiko or geisha while dressed in a traditional yukata or kimono can become a reality. For that period of time, however long or brief, you can slip back in time to the age the samurai as you absorb the history and culture of Japan.
Regardless of industry, job title, country, age, sex or anything else, The J Team can create an exciting, engaging event to bring people together and provide all with a once in a lifetime, or even once a year, dose of team-spirited fun and entertainment.
When one thinks of origami usually the first image that comes to mind is the paper crane. And Japanese language skills are not necessary for one to learn how to create this, or one of many other, traditional origami works. The J Team can provide interactive lessons in origami, or as seen here, create for you origami figures to be used as center-piece table decorations for virtually any party, big or small.
With a history of more than 250 years, sumo wresting is a sport that originated in Japan and preserves many age old traditions and rituals. It is also Japan's national sport. Usually, the entertainment factor is limited to viewing a day of one of several national tournaments first-hand. But The J Team takes the excitement further by providing guests with an opportunity to visit an actual sumo wrestling stable where the wrestlers can be seen going through their daily training. And, we can even give you the chance to get in the ring and test your strength against that of a real sumo wrestler.
If you could choose one, true Japanese dish that you would like to try what would it be? For a large percentage of people the answer to that question might be "...real, Japanese sushi." While in the land of the rising sun that is of course more than possible, but why stop there? With The J Team you can take part in a hands-on sushi making lesson, taught by a professional sushi chef. The activity is fun, challenging, thought provoking, great for team building, and will also provide you with lunch (or dinner) right at your finger tips.


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    This is what The J Team can do for you: We can create a plan that fits perfectly with your image of what a Japan experience should be, and provide smiles and memories of your time here that will last a lifetime.
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