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Night view in Odaiba
Tokyo at night, these alleys lit by lanterns and lined with bars and small popular restaurants, these trendy districts invaded by international youth, these houses hidden at the bottom of a garden from which escapes the sound of a shamisen, but it's also those spectacular views of the city that sparkle under the millions of artificial lights.
Be it a wide angled view of this magnificent city with all the beauty your eyes can cover or a pinhole view into the unique insiders’ perspective on the cultural phenomenon of a dining experience with Geishas, the magical city of Tokyo will make your dreams come true.

Experience Tokyo from the sky & water.

Tokyo Tower
To really take things above and beyond, fly over the sea of skyscrapers for the best view money can buy of this charming city in all her night-time (or daytime) glory. Elevate your experience up in the skies to bring you a unique and unforgettable experience by realizing the true size of the city of Tokyo which extends to the horizon. Right from a bird-eye view of the architectural wonders like the Tokyo Sky Tree or the Tokyo Tower, you might also get a glimpse of Mount Fuji (if you are taking the cruise at dusk when the sky is clear)
The Heli Cruise is not only a touristic thing to do as it is also quite popular with the Japanese who often reserve a trip for special occasions.
If you intend to extrapolate your dream experience, you are in luck. There exist multiple air service providers that offer helicopter tours that take you up into the skies of Hakone Ashinoko, where the view of Mt. Fuji is considered the most beautiful. From the helicopter, you will be able to enjoy the best views of Lake Ashinoko in combination with Mt. Fuji. You also get to admire the Tokyo scenery at Mt. Fuji along the route. There is no better way to enjoy the region and the majestic Mt. Fuji than with this flight excursion, which lasts for about 70 minutes.
The alternative view is from a cruising boat that passes through Tokyo Bay is a glittering sight filled with the charm of the Tokyo Bay Area. While feeling the pleasant breeze and the sweet smell of sea, one can enjoy a little different charm from the usual Tokyo.
You'll also be able to admire some of Tokyo's classic landmarks including Odaiba'sRainbow Bridgeand Tokyo Tower, both of which look stunning as they light up after dark.
Do not forget to join the joy cry “Yakei ni Kanpai!” (cheers to the night view) once you pass the rainbow bridge!
If you wish to spend your time just with your loved ones or your family & friends without worrying about crowds or sharing the space with strangers, there are a plethora of options available to make it an intimate dreamy event.
You could either reserve an entire boat (a rule of minimum number of people is applied) or you could reserve a private VIP space within a boat, where you will have your own private cocoon.
Do not miss out on this magical journey in a boat by booking your place much in advance. One good time would also be during the summer season during the Hanabi festival.
Fireworks, your loved ones, your private space, good food and drinks, making it chic and unique way to visit Tokyo.

Dinner with a Geisha: Immerse into the deep culture of ‘Ryotei’

If you are looking for a luxurious experience that revolves around the heart Japanese culture, do not look further and try "Zashiki".
A Zashiki is a traditional banquet usually set in an authentic restaurant, with geishas present to entertain the customers.
Geishas are rather sophisticated ladies of companionship, who have dedicated their lives to the excellent practice of traditional Japanese arts. Depending on the client and the circumstances, it could be dancing and playing traditional tunes, or just chatting and playing various board games.
The first is dinner, typically a kaiseki ryori meal, the traditional Japanese equivalent of haute cuisine. Kaiseki dining is based around small courses made with high-quality ingredients, exquisitely prepared to highlight the natural flavor and seasonality of each dish.
Right after the dinner, you will be offered the pleasure to enjoying a performance (usually a song or a dance), accompanied by traditional Japanese string instruments such as the shamisen and koto or taiko drums the stage performance of an elegant dance called Nihon buyo, which is derived from Japanese theatre arts including kabuki and noh.
As the highlight at the end of the geisha dinner indulge yourself in the ozashiki asobi, or traditional party games. These games are very intuitive and easy to play in pairs or in smaller groups, often accompanied by a geisha playing the beautiful music with a shamisen. These games are a good way to relax the atmosphere and it gives the viewer or participant a glimpse on how the geishas excel at the art of hosting and managing a party. In the Ozashiki room play, participants can participate in activities as well as watching.
KagurazakaandAsakusaare the best-known geisha districts in Tokyo. Another unique way to experience Zashiki in Tokyo is by taking aYakatabune Boat Cruise. You can also book the entire boat to make that moment more exclusive. Tokyo is the only place where you can enjoy the taste of Ryotei in the middle of modern cityscape.
In the world we live in surrounded by smartphones and gaming consoles, this experience could give you a perspective of how much fun it is to socialize with friends & strangers alike in a traditional atmosphere.
TOKYO Online City Promotion
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